CloudFirst Time Breakdown

Welcome Beau,

Here is a breakdown of the time spent on the CloudFirst Re-Design project.

 Date  Description  Time
 1 Dec 2014
  • Upload theme from WWD staging server to Azure site. Theme configured and tested.
  • Upload theme to production Azure site in preparation for go-live.
  • Discussion with BH RE hosting
 2 Dec 2014
  • Coming Soon amendments and adjustments and skype conversations with AR.
  • Production Coming Soon deployment.
  • Fixed configuration after demo content import.
 3 Dec 2014
  • Navigation bar construction.
  • Site footer modifications including CL logo, office address details, social media icons. Skype discussions with AR about layout, colours and content.
 4 Dec 2014
  • Blog page customisation and generic content created. Shortcode issue investigation (TBC)
  • Footer adjustments including contact form.
 5 Dec 2014
  • Blog page customisation and fixed shortcode issue. I authored a screencast to help demonstrate how to use posts and post types.
  • I discovered the fix for the macbook gallery frame. I requested information from AR to complete this task
 7 Dec 2014
  • Fixed parallax issue and made content and layout changes on Home Page
  • Fixed layout issues in Contact form in footer
  • Removed social media icons from footer
  • Modifications to laptop image slider frame to incorporate surface image
  • Investigated and advised options to remove Google maps from Contact Us page and replace with Bing maps
 8 Dec 2014
  • Final amendments to wordpress theme before uploading to production
  • FTP upload to production environment
 9 Dec 2014
  • FTP upload to production environment
 TOTAL  37.5h