Re-Design Time (Again)

Home-WDWDNetI have been quite busy with client work lately which has been great. But every time I came back to my blog, I kept thinking it looked stale and in need of a spruce up. So ... I decided to put some time into it and give it a facelift. I am pleased to announce the new look Web Design With .Net website.

You might have seen some recent posts by me lately regarding my new business website - Previously, I have combined my blogging site (this one) with my business website. I was finding that this confused people so I decided to separate the two entities. Now, I have a dedicated blog site and also a website that is specifically designed to promote my business and attract customers.

Web Design With .Net is a blog for developers and designers who work predominantly within the Microsoft platform. There are a lot of podcasts and resources available that concentrate on Mac OS and applications that are available on that platform. A lot of designers use the Mac OS platform, but I felt that those of who use Microsoft products needed similar resources. So, I decided to begin this blog.

You will find articles that explain both simple and complex concepts, but they all come from the Microsoft platform perspective. For example, my latest screencast is a step-by-step journey through how I structure my n-layer .Net projects in Visual Studio. You can find that article here.

My main goal is to show Microsoft developers how to get into design. So many developers concentrate on back-end work like C#, VB.Net and LINQ. When it comes time to work on the user interface, they are hesitant to really let their creativity come through. I want to show developers that design is fun and not that hard to understand.

My blog articles explain concepts and code in CSS, Javascript, SASS/LESS and HTML. I hope people get something useful out of the articles and use them to improve their skills. Eventually, passing that information on to their peers and colleagues.