Youtube Channel

We are pleased to announce our new Youtube channel. You can find it at YouTube - Web Design With .Net.

We will use this channel to post screencasts and supplement the blog articles that we write here. So many times, I have been asked for project files or at least some supporting documents for the articles that I write. I decided that if I wrote the article and posted a screencast of the code, we could cover so much more ground and get my ideas across much more successfully. I will continue to blog as I have always done, but now there will be a visual component to the article. I am committing to keep the regularity of the articles, so subscribe and keep coming back for more information.

So, welcome to Youtube's Web Design With .Net channel. Please go ahead and subscribe to the channel. If you do, you will get the screencasts before ITunes or Google Play subscribers because the youtube video will be posted at the same time as the article. Youtube does not have the rigorous moderation that the others do. There will also be ITunes and Google Play channels coming soon too. These channels are there for people who prefer to get their articles in podcast format. In most situations, the video will be the same as the article, just visually explaining the concepts.

Here is the introductory video that I posted in preparation for the first screencast. Check it out, and don't forget to subscribe to the channel and also sign up for emails. If you subscribe, you will get videos and articles delivered to your email. We are all very busy, so having the information that you want delivered to you makes keeping up to the date with technology much easier.

Til next time ...