Reporting Services – passing parameters in the URL

Reporting Services (SSRS) has many wide and varied uses and is becoming more and more popular as a nice clean reporting solution.

An SSRS report allows you to filter searches based on the parameters that you configure at design-time. Each of these parameters can have default values that the report will use each time it executes.

But what about when you want to customise the default value depending on who is viewing the report? Well, URL querystring to your rescue.

Use the following URL structure and append your customised parameters at the end.

http://server/reportserver?/Sales/Northwest/Employee Sales Report&rs:Command=Render&EmployeeID=1234

Now this means that you can send Bill a link to his data and Sue a link to her data. Fascinating ...

Microsoft has an article which discussed this a little further, so go have a look here.

Til next time ..