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Mindscape Web Workbench Permission Denied on SASS

I came across a problem today while working on a project in Visual Studio. I made a small change to a SASS file and tried to save it. However, Mindscape Web Workbench returned an error telling me there was a problem with permissions. This is how I fixed it.

Visual Studio Snippets

You may not know what snippets are in Visual Studio, but I am very confident that you have used them before. Let me explain a way to add custom snippets to Visual Studio which will speed up your development time for menial code blocks.

Development and the Dark Visual Studio Theme

I have been using the standard Visual Studio theme ever since I started using the IDE. I have always found it to be visually consistent and usable. However, as the years continue to go by, I have found the standard Visual Studio theme increasingly harder to read. Especially with the larger sized monitors we are using nowadays. So I have started using the “Dark Theme” which seems to be easier to use at lower resolutions.