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Real Content For Your Mockups

We all have that endless issue of creating “demo” data for our mockups. Addresses, usernames, countries and so on.

Now you can get pre-built lists in Json format from

Yamm For Bootstrap

Yamm for Bootstrap is a Bootstrap menu system that lets you incorporate Bootstrap components into your menus.

Send Emails Asynchronously

Sending these emails can often be a bottleneck in your workflow and cause the application to stall temporarily whilst the STMP client is instantiated, the email is generated and sent, then confirmation is returned. I will discuss a better way to do this within an MVC application.

ASP.Net Validators And The DOM

How do you stop ASP.Net Validation controls taking up precious space in the DOM when there are no errors? Don’t create complex classes and overrides. Just tweak the validation control code and some easy CSS.

Filter Your Content With Javascript

When working with large sets of data, it can be difficult to find smaller sets of data that match specific criterion. Use the Jquery filter method to return a smaller array of data to work with.

Useful CSS Snippets For Your Core Stylesheet

Here are some useful “template” CSS snippets for you to add to your core CSS file. When I say core, I mean a default CSS file that you can port between projects. This file simply does layout, global styles and mixins.

Bootstrap and Transitions

For those of you who use Twitter Bootstrap at all, you may have come across this problem already. If you haven’t seen this issue, here is an explanation so you know what to expect if it does happen. I found an issue where Bootstrap transitions interfere with my later transitions. Here is a fix to make your transitions stick to your elements.