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Google Search Results Changes

Google have announced changes to the way they will display search results for some websites. For those of us who curate our sites, there are a few things that we should consider.

Website Update and Rebrand

After many “I should get around to re-branding my site” and “Wouldn’t it be great if I had the time to put into my website”, it’s finally here. I took the opportunity to make the most of some spare time over the Christmas period and freshened the website.

CloudFirst Website Launch

We welcomed CloudFirst as a new client only a couple of weeks ago. After specifications discussions, analysis and many late night conversations, we have released a finished business website.

Use Google Fonts Offline

Back in 2013, I talked about using Google Fonts in the article Hosted Custom Fonts. Have a read of that article to get information about using Google Fonts. There are some very good fonts available. However, the default implementation of Google Fonts is to import the fonts from the Google CDN. That’s fine when you are working on a web page where you can implement a style sheet, but what about if you want to use the fonts in a […]

Crazy Domains – Breach of Registrar Agreement

Any fellow Crazy Domains customers might find the below article interesting. From the way I read it, the impact on customers will be if you have already lodged tax invoices prior to receiving amended tax invoices recently. The auDA (.au Domain Administration) believe that Crazy Domains have been in breach of their registrar agreement by distributing incorrect tax invoices.