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CloudFirst Website Launch

We welcomed CloudFirst as a new client only a couple of weeks ago. After specifications discussions, analysis and many late night conversations, we have released a finished business website.

Webtrieve – Initial Discovery

Welcome to the Webtrieve project series. If you want more details about this series, jump over to this post and get the background.

This post will describe the initial preparation and discovery for the Business Analysis from specification through to Product Manager sign-off.

This project is the re-development of an existing application so a lot of the work has already been done. That is, I have an existing application that is my specification. What I needed to do is break the existing […]

Webtrieve – Setting The Scene

I am starting a new series of posts about a project that I am working through. This project is the re-development of an existing web application. The application is called Webtrieve and it is a customer portal where users can view information that is secured according to their userid. The current application is quite dated (over 10 years old) and needs an update for both aesthetic and technological reasons.

Client-side Form Validation

Every form needs to be validated in one way or another. The most basic form of validation is check that all required fields have been given values. Here is a script that should help with that.