I was having some difficulty migrating my site to SSL and found that this code needed to be added to wp-config.php. This might help.
We all have that endless issue of creating "demo" data for our mockups. Addresses, usernames, countries and so on. Now you can get pre-built lists in Json format from https://www.lists.design.
Here is a quick code snippet showing how to initiate a Bootstrap date picker control when elements other than the input are clicked.

Javascript is an often overlooked language within the development community. A lot developers steer away from Javascript because it is synonymous with client-side programming and design. But it does not have to be scary. Here are a few pointers on how to use Javascript as a helper to C#...

Yamm for Bootstrap is a Bootstrap menu system that lets you incorporate Bootstrap components into your menus.
Sending these emails can often be a bottleneck in your workflow and cause the application to stall temporarily whilst the STMP client is instantiated, the email is generated and sent, then confirmation is returned. I will discuss a better way to do this within an MVC application.
How do you stop ASP.Net Validation controls taking up precious space in the DOM when there are no errors? Don't create complex classes and overrides. Just tweak the validation control code and some easy CSS.